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Grid connected and off-grid connected PV battery system projects. Realised by Solar PV Shop.


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We offer you high-quality solutions for Off-grid living. The difference between an off-grid system and a system connected to the electricity grid is that a large part of the solar energy generated during the day is stored in batteries so that your house is also supplied with energy in the evening and at night.

A generator can also be connected to most off-grid systems supplied by us so that if there are many days without sunshine, such as sometimes in the rainy season, the generator can charge the batteries and provide the house with energy.

Our choice of off-grid inverter are the SMA battery inverters. With an emphasis on SMA product performance, it has established itself as the product of choice in harsh environments and applications where product reliability is paramount.

There are numerous benefits of having your own green energy. In a country like Portugal where the sun almost always shines, a PV panel provides a constant source of energy during the day.

You can return your surplus electricity to the provider or keep it in a BYD lithium battery. The saving on the electricity bill ensures that you have recouped the costs of your PV system in a few years.

Solar system battery storage has a average price of 10.2 cents a Kilowatt Hour.

Solar Power Energy | How it works

We get our strength from the strong combination of personal advice with the complete unburdening for the realization of a complete PV installation. The process has several steps:

• 1 Appointment and the introduction
• 2 Consultation interview
• 3 Offer quotation
• 4 Adjustment and realization system
• 5 Aftercare and maintenance.

We are experienced forces with many years of experience and knowledge of developments in the market. Collaboration between companies is of paramount importance to us. Together makes strong.

By bundling knowledge and capacity makes it easier for you as a customer because you have a point of contact.

As a relatively small company, we are characterized by a personal approach and short lines of communication. We place great value on personal contact with the customer and tackle every project as if it were our own house.

We specialize in the private market and in small and medium-sized businesses. Due to the various specialties, we can advise you professionally and also work efficiently. We only supply premium brand materials with all inspections and certificates and the corresponding guarantees.

The suppliers are also strictly selected. We work with the largest Portuguese suppliers with whom we have good relations. Here too, personal contact is very important.

Our passion and expertise is supplying and installing solar energy installations for a contribution to the environment and especially your wallet!